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Exploring My Emotions 45-Day Journal, youth t-shirt (S, M, or L) of Cassie hugging her bear,  pencils, pencil smiley tops,  and Cassie's bear ready for gifting. 

The following items can be customized:

1. Bear with a heart or star, or pin

2. Smiley face stress ball or fidget

3. Playdough 6 mini containers or 6 mini slime containers or 4 - 3 oz containers of Playdough or 4- 2 oz containers of Slime


My Emotions Bundle

  • The following information is needed when ordering:

    1. Youth T-shirt size- S, M, or L

    2. Bear with a heart on a shirt, a star on a shirt, or pin with Cassie hugging her bear

    3. Smiley face stress ball or fidget

    4. Playdough 6 mini containers or 6 mini slime containers or 4- 2oz containers of slime or 4 -3 oz containers of Playdough


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